About OzBioTec

We are proud to exclusively offer a variety WeissBiotech and OenoBiotech enzyme and yeast products to the Australia & New Zealand market! The choice to range with WeissBiotech & oenoBiotech products was a clear one for our business as we wish to provide some of the best value and most efficient products in the industry.

We truly beleive the range of products we offer perform very well and speak for themselves. However behind all this we strive to offer the customer service that supports such products. Ozbiotec is a family run and owned company, ensuring the business is closely managed so we can provide our best efforts to customer service and support.

Although based in Sydney we offer close relationships with our customers and are often able to spend time face to face. Our network access of warehouses and distrubtion facilities allow us to to also provide prompt deliveries and well controlled stock.